seal_small_ purseIt’s like a purse only smaller and can be held in your hand.  The ladies clutch purse is seal skin on the outside and leather on the inside.  There is a large coin purse and secret compartment inside as well as a cheque book slot and a spot for your account record book as well.  There is a clear insert which can hold cards or pictures of your favorite things.

We are pleased to announce that our Clutch Purses are also branded with the Crafts of Character distinction,  Very exciting.




Women's Seal Skin ClutchA small coin purse for your…..coins….  These are small enough to fit in your purse or your pocket.  Classy way to carry your coins and maybe a cute way to keep them warm if you need that.

Small seal skin Coin Purse

We wholesale these as well for you to sell in your own shop!!




Purse_2_front Large seal skin purse
Black leather front.
This is a cowhide bag with seal decorations.







Seal PurseLarge seal skin purse
It’s a large women’s purse with seal front and lined with cow hide. Two pockets inside. One is zippered and the strap is usually customized to the purchaser or made adjustable.





Purse_5_fullonviewPurse_5_rearviewSeal Skin Purse with Button Closure.
Seal Skin outside with leather gussets.  Lines with leather on the inside and laced together with leather lace. Button closure on the front and adjustable strap.  Can be different colors with different

Black sealskin purseBlack sealskin purseBlack Leather Purse with Seal Skin.
The Seal Skin can be replaced with carving leather and customized or the Seal Skin can be on all the purse or made a different color than shown.  Call for details.